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Hello there,

We hope you found something truly interesting in this website :)

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About Us

WhyVietnam (YV) is an inspiring team project of four Vietnamese students in Bordeaux, originated from the Pro-Act Program by KEDGE Business School.

The original idea of YV came from our amazing moments of the early days in France, being welcomed with the thoughtful, kindness and devoted support from French citizens. This incredible experiences urged us to do something in return.

Also being inspired by our university's slogan, we decided to CREATE an informative online channel where we can SHARE our little experience to make your time in Vietnam tremendously worthwhile, hopefully contribute to build a community that people CARE about each other.

If you are planning an exchange study in Vietnam, this guide is for you. If you are curious of where we are studying and our wonderful exchange programs, do not hesitate to visit the official websites of KEDGE B.S. for the programs in France and CFVG Vietnam for those in Vietnam via the links in the top drop-down menu.

Bon Voyage!

YV Team

Meet the team

Linh, Tran

Project Manager

Grab a Chung cake and make the most of the spring break!

Minh, Vo

Content Editor

It’s 35 degree and I need to freeze a cup of milky coffee with half ice recipe ;)

Trinh, Truong

Content Editor

I'm so glad that I live in a city where there are Octobers, Cốm and milky flowers

Trung, Bui

Visual Editor

All I want for winter...

is Pho!