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Southwest a.k.a Mekong River Delta is Vietnam's southernmost region (Southwestern HCM City) , mostly containing small but populous provinces in the delta of the Mekong. Four provinces border Cambodia.

Southeast contains those parts of lowland southern Vietnam which are north of the Mekong delta, including Ho Chi Minh City - a modern metropolitan. Two provinces border Cambodia.

Map of Southern Vietnam (Image: Vietyouth)


Climate in Southern Vietnam is described with two main seasons: dry season and rainy season. The rainy season lasts from September to December, while the period from January to August is dry season. As being affected by southeast monsoon from Gulf of Thailand, the region is not prevented by mountains range, thus, the climate is characterized by cool rain and wet.

Ho Chi Minh City usually witnesses monsoon climate in two seasons. During the rainy season, heavy rains are expected to happen almost every afternoon, thus, streets in and near Saigon often witness small floods and tides. The rainfall season begins in September and often ends in December. Ho Chi Minh City becomes hot from March. From April, the temperature rises gradually and becomes hotter and hotter; and rains occur in Saigon all year round. From middle September, the rainfall is relatively high accounting for 86% of total year-round rainfall amount. In dry season, downpours also occur, but bring coolness. Downpour is not very popular in February.

Over the year, the common form of precipitations is light rain, moderate rain and thunderstorm. Light rain happens from July and it is observed during 15% of days in the month. The relative humidity that can be seen in this city ranges from 46% to 98% depending on the seasons. The air is completely dry in the beginning of March. Vietnam weather in the south has temperature ranging between 25 - 35°C year round. As the position of the region is near equator, local people do not have a chance to enjoy the cold like in the north of Vietnam. Yet, because the diurnal temperature range is low, climate in this region is quite similar over the months in a year.

(Source: alotrip.com)