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Nowadays, transportation in Vietnam has developed rapidly with various means of transportation and increasingly convenience to move from other countries, or travel within destinations in Vietnam. The travel routes in Vietnam or travel destinations are indeed safer and better, especially hassle free as well. Within the scope of this article, we would like to introduce some means of transportation that are conventional in Vietnam.



"Xe om" or Motorbike taxi is very economical and casual in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You can easily catch a driver just few steps from homes with a negotiable price. What you need to do is to show him the destination and the deal is done. However, since your first came to Vietnam, you may not be familiar with the language, we suggest you use the service through these mobile applications, which are Grab & Go Viet.

This similar app that can be found in Europe is Uber. It was there in Vietnam but unfortunately being merged to a larger competitor. The applications offer transportation service both for cars and motorcycles with transparent fee based on the travel distance displaying on the platform map. They also offer delivery and pick up parcels. Additionally, if it is a rainy or busy day, you can order the foods through both of these apps. Relating to the payment method, you can choose to pay by cash, cards or digital money. Obviously, paying by cards or digital money bring you more incentives and promotions than the cash method. These apps are massively used in cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and other big cities on your travel. 



Vinasun Taxi (Image: xotours.vn)

Mai LinhTaxi (Image: taximailinh.com)

For your information:

•    Ho Chi Minh: Mai Linh Taxi – (+84) 28 3838 3838; Vinasun Taxi – (+84) 28 3827 2727
•    Ha Noi: Mai Linh Taxi – (+84) 24 3833 3333; Taxi Group- (+84) 24 3853 5353

Like other countries all over the world, taxi is convenient and massive, especially in big cities with acceptable price comparing to other cities in Europe. In Hanoi, Taxi Group and Taxi Mai Linh are credible and common service providers. In Ho Chi Minh city, there are two main recognized brands, which are Taxi Mai Linh and Taxi Vinasun. You can take these taxi with certified quality and services. Their prices are also a bit higher considering the other smaller brands.


The average listed prices are ranging from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND per kilometers. It is considered as a safe way to go around, particularly at night. It is easy to catch a taxi on the street. Otherwise, if you want to book a taxi in advance, you can install the apps and follow the instruction or call the number of switchboard and let them know your current address. You will be served as hurried as possible.



Travelling by bus is another low-cost transportation between the destination you can choose for your travel. With the extensive system, you can access almost every corner of the city. There are some options available for this transportation, a monthly ticket for accessing the whole bus system at 100,000 VND with student card or a single ride ticket from 7,000 VND each purchased on bus. However, I am not fond of this travel option as the bus is very crowded in the high time and the other options are still affordable. It depends on your choice and determined budget.


A city tour bus trip is worth as well if you want to have first hand experience with the public transportation in Vietnam.

Hanoi Bus map (Image: xe-buyt.com)

Hanoi Hop On - Hop Off (Image: soha.vn)

For your information, to register for a monthly bus ticket, just click:


🚌 - 🛫

Even though, to travel to the airport, we suggest you take the bus for an economical price. There are different quiet, modern buses system covering the airport distance.

In Hanoi:

  • Bus No. 7 (5h00-21h30): 9,000VND/per ride

  • Bus No. 17 (5h00- 20h30): 9,000VND/per ride

  • Bus No. 90 (5h00- 22h30): 9,000VND/per ride

  • Bus No. 86 (5h10- 22h30): 30,000VND/per ride

In Ho Chi Minh city:

  • Bus No. 152 (6h00- 18h15): 7,000VND/per ride

  • Bus No. 109 (0h00- 23h40): from 12,000 VND/per ride

  • Bus No. 119 (4h00- 21h00): from 12,000 VND/per ride

  • Bus No. 159 (5h30- 19h55): from 7,000 VND/per ride

  • Bus No. 49 (0h00- 23h45): 40,000VND/per ride


This maybe one of the most favorite means of transportation in Vietnam among international tourists when visiting Vietnam.

Sitting comfortably on the little cart and unhurriedly moving around the city centre will bring you a relax and carefree feeling. Groups of cyclo driver normally travel close to the main tourist attractions such as Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh, the Old Quarter in Hanoi.

A very brave visitor is showing his cycling skill (Image: xotours.vn)

Most of the cyclo drivers can speak a decent English and can be your private tour guide. As to make sure the drivers understands your intention of place to go, it is good idea to bring a city maps or to show them google maps. Or if you trust in them, just let the driver drive you a round to the city and share their own stories of each corner passing by. I promise you that it will be unforgettable experiences in Vietnam.





Nowadays, the trains in Vietnam are relatively comfortable, safe and cheap option in the means of transportation in Vietnam. Vietnam railway network stretches from the north to the south of Vietnam. In general, Vietnamese trains are clean but not too fast. Some are not comfortable with hard seats. The option when using train to travel around Vietnam is to buy tickets in the official station or ticket online. There are a few types of seats and room of Vietnamese trains, including hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper, room with 4 beds or 6 beds.

Image: vnexpress.net

Using train is an ideal way for those independent tourist to travel around and see Vietnam at the ground level. Some experienced travelers prefer to use train more than internal flights to save the cost. Yet, in reality, an overnight train from Ha Noi to Da Nang or from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang will help you to save the hotel expenses, as the train will leave Hanoi City or Ho Chi Minh City in the evening and then arrive in Da Nang or Nha Trang in the next morning. More than this, using train to travel will bring to you a genuine Vietnamese experience while flying is not necessary.

For your information to buy train ticket online, just click the link: https://dsvn.vn/#/



Vietnam has two main international airports, which are Noi Bai airport in the capital – Hanoi, and Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh. The third airport is Da Nang Airport located in Da Nang that accepts a smaller number of international flights. Besides, there are many other domestic airports scattering across Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines is the national carrier of Vietnam. The brand has a comprehensive domestic as well as growing network. In addition, VietJet is the second domestic carrier having a more limited network in compared to Vietnam Airlines. VietJet is often cheaper than Vietnam Airlines and it also means that the quality of service and timeliness is not as good as Vietnam Airlines. Its delayed flights may be not rare, so if you are not in a rush, it is an idea. Besides, there are other brands when it comes to airline brands in Vietnam, which are Jetstar and Bamboo Airways.

When considering using airplane to travel around Vietnam, if you can book in advance, there is a benefit that cannot be denied is that you will have a chance to get a better price. With online booking service, there are a lot of choices for you to opt for and booking advance is very easy. Most of the flights booked online could be amended, of course with a price. Don’t forget checking the booking conditions of the airline and type of flight you choose before booking.

Airplane in Vietnam is usually used to move from the south to the north or to some neighboring countries (Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore…). A requirement for foreign travelers is a need of passport with a least six months’ validity to enter Vietnam. The majority of foreign travelers enter Vietnam on a tourist visa. This visa must be issued before arrival.

For more detail information of airline brand in Vietnam, just click below links


Have a safe trip !!!